Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 2: The Truth Comes Out

Ok so apparently my willpower was not as strong as I had hoped. *insert sheepish grin here* I couldn't stick to it today. It wasn't because it tasted bad because I still think that the leeks tasted good, but it was boring after eating and drinking the same thing the day before. It was the monotony that I couldn't take. As a result, I caved today, but I still did be careful with what I ate, practicing portion control just like is recommended. More specifically, what I did was weigh everything that I ate and nothing over 4-6 oz per meal total. Mireille mentioned that less than half a pound or 8 oz should be enough to satisfy and anything more was considered overeating. As a result, I ate breakfast which totaled out to be 5.8 oz, lunch was 5oz, and dinner was 6oz. What was even better about these meals though was that I ate what I wanted to and it made me happy! Here was my day:

Cream drop biscuits
Strawberries cooked in butter and some brown sugar
Creme fraiche mixed into the strawberry concoction

Creamy broccoli cheese soup
Cream drop biscuits

Homemade macaroni and cheese
More cream drop biscuits (LOVE those things)

Things like biscuits are on my list of offenders, BUT in my defense, Mireille does not advocate just giving up offenders cold turkey because it can be difficult. Normally, I would have eaten 3-4 biscuits every time I ate. Instead, I limited myself to 2 at breakfast, 1 at lunch, and 1 at dinner. This is huge for me even though it might not sound like much to others, but I'm pretty proud of myself! Over time, I hope to bring down my offender count even more for things like biscuits as well as other offenders like pastries. My biggest offenders fall in the bread way of things - biscuits, pastries, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, biscotti, danishes, doughnuts...anything like that is what makes up my list of offenders. In any event, I thought I did pretty good today. I do not anticipate a full 2 lbs lost as of tomorrow due to only managing to do the leek soup for one day, but perhaps I'll end up with something positive either way tomorrow! Here is hoping and I will be sure to update some time tomorrow with whatever happens!!

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